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Quiz questions on India published as a set of few questions. The answers to the India Quiz sets are published along with the questions. You will find this helpful if you are preparing for school, college or other quiz competitions in India.

India Quiz – Set 54


The first athlete from India to win an Olympic medal, he won Silver medals in both the 200m and 200m hurdles race in the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. Educated in the St.Xavier’s College in Calcutta, he moved to the United States after his athletic career and acted in a few Hollywood movies and Broadway shows. Identify the athlete.


Norman Pritchard. In his Hollywood career, he was known as Norman Trevor.

India Quiz – Set 53


One of the eight principal traditions in Indian classical dance, it is believed to have been created by Srimanta Sankardev, a saint who lived in the 15th century. It was originally performed by monks in the Vaishnava monasteries in Assam to present mythological teachings. It was given the recognition of being a classical dance form of India in the year 2000 by The National Academy for Music, Dance and Drama. Identify the dance form.



India Quiz – Set 51 (Business Quiz)

1. Which Indian e-commerce company acquired Fitiquette, a developer of virtual fitting room technology in 2013?

2. Which company created the Great Online Shopping Festival, held in December 2012, in partnership with Flipkart, Makemytrip, Indiatimes, Snapdeal and Homeshop 18?

3. Which Indian media company was founded in 1993 by Raghav Bahl?

4. Which company implemented the construction of Yamuna Expressway, a 165km long highway connecting Greater Noida to Agra?

5. What the primary purpose of setting up of the Bank of Calcutta in 1806? State Bank of India can trace it’s origins back to this bank.



2. Google India.

3. Network 18.

4. Jaypee Group.

5. Funding of wars against the Marathas and Tipu Sultan.

India Quiz – Set 50 (Business Quiz)

1. What (related to India) can be found in the JFK Airport in New York and Heathrow Airport in London? These are the only international locations where you can find this thing.

2. Which Indian company’s Managing Director and CEO is Sanjay Lalbhai?

3. Which Indian infrastructure company, headquartered in Bangalore, operates the international airports in Delhi and Hyderabad?

4. Which company acquired Indo Pacific Housing Finance in 2012?

5. Which Indian business school was founded by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and inaugurated by Margaret Thatcher, the then Prime Minister of Britain?


1. The Maharaja Lounge, operated by Air India.

2. Arvind Mills.

3. GMR Group.

4. L & T Finance.

5. S.P.Jain Institute of Management.

India Quiz – Set 49 (Sports Quiz)

1. Which Indian sportsperson’s biography is called ‘Unbreakable’?

2. What was founded in 1924 by G.D.Sondhi and was held in Lahore?

3. What was started in 1988 as ‘Varca Club’ in Margao, Goa?

4. As of today, who holds the record for scoring the maximum aggregate runs in Ranji Trophy?

5. Which former Indian hockey player was elected to the Rajya Sabha in March, 2012 as a representative of the Biju Janata Dal (BJD)?


1. Mary Kom.

2. National Games (then known as Indian Olympic Games).

3. Churchill Brothers Football Club.

4. Wasim Jaffer.

5. Dilip Tirkey.

India Quiz – Set 48 (General Quiz)

1. Abhinav Bindra won a gold in the 2008 Olympics, becoming the first Indian to win a gold medal in an individual event. Which event?

2. Lalit Maken, uncle of former Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Ajay Maken, was the son-in-law of a former President of India. Who?

3. Which famous educational institution was founded by Satish Ranjan Das in 1935?

4. Who was the first woman Politburo member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)?

5. During Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure as Prime Minister of India, he served under two Presidents. One of them was R. Venkataraman. Who was the other?


1. 10M Air Rifle.

2. Shankar Dayal Sharma.

3. The Doon School.

4. Brinda Karat.

5. Zail Singh.

India Quiz – Set 47 (General Quiz)

1. The Fairy Queen, one of the oldest locomotives in the world still operating regularly, plies between New Delhi and a city in Rajasthan. Which city?

2. Name the acclaimed Madhubani painter who was awarded the Padma Shri in 2011, and died in July 2013.

3. It is called ‘tuppa’ in Karnataka, ‘samna’ in Arabic and ‘nei’ in Tamil. What are we referring to?

4. Who played an important role in setting up a national reserve for protecting the endangered Bengal tiger and authored the book ‘Man-Eaters of Kumaon’?

5. In which Dustin Hoffman movie can you find a poster advertising a performance by Indian shehnai maestro Bismillah Khan?


1. Alwar.

2. Mahasundari Devi.

3. Ghee (clarified butter).

4. Jim Corbett.

5. The Graduate.

India Quiz – Set 46 (General Quiz)

1. Which king from the Adil Shahi dynasty fought the Battle of Pratapgarh against the Maratha king Shivaji?

2.  The Mamluk dynasty was one of the dynasties ruling the Delhi Sultanate in the 13th century. What does the word Mamluk mean?

3. Name the mountain which is considered sacred and the center of the universe in sections of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religions.

4. Which Indian manufacturing company owns the brands Ranipal, Hobby Ideas and Acron?

5. Who is the longest serving head of any bank in India?


1. Afzal Khan.

2. ‘Owned’, referring to a soldier of slave origin who had converted to Islam. This is why they are also referred to as the Slave dynasty.

3. Mount Meru.

4. Pidilite Industries.

5. Aditya Puri, Managing Director of HDFC Bank.

India Quiz – Set 45 (General Quiz)

1. What feat did Arunima Sinha achieve in May, 2013 and why was it special?

2. When is National Youth Day celebrated in India, to honour the birthday of Swami Vivekananda?

3. Who was the first Health Minister in India after independence and played a major role in the setting up of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi?

4. The Maharaja of Dhrangadhra Halvad died in August 2010. What title died with him as he was the last surviving person to hold the title?

5. Who was the first Chief Minister of Kerala and was a member of the Communist Party of India?


1. She became the first amputee to climb Mount Everest.

2. 12 January.

3. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur.

4. A knight of the Order of the Indian Empire.

5. E.M.S Namboodiripad.